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Designing a GPU-oriented geometry abstraction – Part Three

Posted by mcdirmid on 24/11/2009

In this post, I want to propose an geometry abstraction along with an example on how it works. But first I’ll clarify the goals of the abstraction:

  • Should support functional composition and transformation. This basically means that it will support operations like a + b where a and b are geometry values and the result is a geometry value or f(a) where f is a pure function from geometry value to geometry value.
  • A geometry value can be rendered by one call without any other companion values.
  • Very limited magic and hard coded properties. Only properties relevant for rendering, vertex position, pixel color, and topology, are semi-magical in that a render call will look for them. All other properties and all calculations, such as those that specify layout or apply lighting, are non-magical and expressed explicitly by manipulating/transforming geometry values.

The above goals ensure that the abstraction is easy to use and that we can easily modularize geometry-building code using standard in-language constructs such as procedures, objects, or functions (including high-order functions). Now, let’s introduce the abstraction via an example using a neutral syntax:

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